Michael_Owens_Quartet NoteWorthy Music Services in 2010

Ever heard that nothing is fast and good and cheap?  You’ve got to pick two?  Well, not here.  I offer all three…  With my obsessive personality and 20+ years’ experience, I’m very good at this.  Since I’m shifting my career in this direction I’m very fast.  And since I need the income, I’m very affordable.

If you’re musical, you could do most of what I offer.  But maybe you don’t have time.  Or maybe you can’t figure out Finale, or Sibelius. Or you can’t afford them. Or you’re frustrated with some inferior typesetting software.
Where do you go for these miscellaneous musical services?
There’s only one place I know: Michael Owens’ NoteWorthy Music Services.

Since 1999 I’ve been working with pianos in Southeastern PA: tuning, repairing, selling, restoring, etc.
Since 1994, I’ve done done these miscellaneous musical services as a side business for friends. I’ve worked on thousands of songs.
Now life changes.  It’s time to offer these services to the rest of the world.
Music and pianos, after God and my family, are my first loves and greatest passion.

I charge $20/hr, and with 20 years’ experience I’m very fast. Typesetting a complete hymn takes less than 20 minutes.  Call, text, or email me, and I’ll get right on it.

I am NOT a disk jockey; I do NOT have a recording studio; I do NOT give instrumental lessons.  I’m a friendly, helpful guy who loves music, loves typesetting and dearly loves multi-track vocal recording.

Pass the word!

Check out my work at the Genevan Psalter Resource Center and wordmp3.com under NoteWorthy.