Typesetting: producing printed music

From handwritten to print-quality

Just Beyond handwrittenJust Beyond typeset

Arranging: from one format to another

Hark the Herald Angels Sing, hymn arrangement for brass trio:

Hark the Herald brass p1Hark the Herald brass p2

How Firm a Foundation, hymn arrangement for men’s group:

How Firm TTBB

Harmonizing: from simple melody to accompanied music


My Peace originalMy Peace typeset

Transcribing: from recording to sheet music

Transcribed this recording into sheet music…



Transposing: from one key to another

Now that the music is typeset in the software, let’s change the key… Would that be easier in C?

Reminiscence in C

Synth practice recordings:  from sheet music to MP3 or wave

Christ Who Left

Synth recording, with alto part emphasized:


Vocal practice recordings: from sheet music to MP3 or wave

Praise to the Lord

All 4 parts recorded:


Tenor part isolated:


Book layout: music PDFs organized for printing

A few of the booklets and books I’ve assembled over the years:

R: 113 G: 255 B: 203 X:43796 Y: 0 S: 29 Z: 19 F: 260

A few samples from the books:

ANE sequential pp41-47

Cantus 2.0 4-up pp12-26

Composition: hymn tunes, soundtracks, etc., composed to suit

Not Gonna Leave, composed for the movie Beyond Protocol, 2006:


See! Another Year is Gone!, setting composed for an old John Newton hymn:

See Another Year


Unusual requests: Shaped notes. Bulletin inserts.  etc.

Children's Funeral