“It’s rare to find someone more excited about working on a piece of music than the composer himself! However, Michael Owens proves again and again that he simply loves music, loves four part harmony, and loves to reflect what the composer captured in the original melody. Plus, he’s good and fast! Michael has done a full project for me as well as several individual songs, and they are all excellent. Even those songs I didn’t think would make good four-part hymns turned out great. If I need four-part harmony anytime soon, I will be turning to Michael.”
Nathan Clark George, recording artist, Franklin, TN nathanclarkgeorge.bandcamp.com

“I had written dozens of congregational hymn and Psalm settings with just melody and chords and sometimes an alto line. I knew there was interest for four part harmonizations, but I just never seemed to get the time to do that. However, Michael came along, and he continues to amaze me with the speed, dexterity, musicality and outright ability to craft beautiful and singable, four-part congregational hymns. He has taken my lead sheets and turned them into hymn settings in a more skilled way than I could have done. I highly recommend him to friends. He is a joy to work with.”
Greg Wilbur, composer, Franklin, TN gregorywilbur.bandcamp.com

Harmonizing; Typesetting

“Michael’s musical knowledge was obvious as he prepared sheet music for us, including developing chords and harmony notes that we did not have available. Sure glad we came across his services! The products were timely and thorough.”
Bruce H., composer & choir director, Mechanicsburg, PA

Arranging; Transcription; Harmonizing; Synth practice recordings

“As a long-term customer of NoteWorthy Music Services, I have been very pleased with the Quality and the Note of Expertize that Michael adds to This Service. I have been working with sheet music for some 20 years now, and when it comes to arranging music, harmonizing and putting music in shape notes, I know where I need to go. NoteWorthy Music Services has the ability to hear a song and write the four parts out in sheet music. I have been very blessed to know Michael in this way.”
Tim D., chorus director, Lebanon, PA

“I have found Michael’s music very helpful in working with children’s choirs, for my own familiarity with the piece and for the children to hear exactly what they are singing.  We have especially enjoyed music he has composed or revised for us at our request. I appreciate his work and the platform it has given me as a teacher to expand beyond what I am capable of doing on my own.”
Lu Z., children’s chorus director, Lebanon, PA

Vocal practice recordings; Typesetting

“It has been my pleasure to use Michael Owens’ Noteworthy Music Services. I write new lyrics for metrical psalms and hymns using older, public domain tunes. I have asked Michael to make 4-part vocal recordings of many of these, as well as setting the scores in musical notation. He always does a beautiful job with these tasks, and has a quick turn-around too! Thanks, Michael!”
Brian P., pastor and choir leader, Long Island, NY

Vocal practice recordings; Typesetting; Book layout

“Michael has quickly completed every project I asked for: arranging, transposing, and recording. He also has gone above-and-beyond each time and given me even more than I requested. I couldn’t ask for better or faster help!”
Jordan D., music director, Carbondale, IL

Transcription; Typesetting; Arranging

“Michael successfully and skillfully took a syncopated, single melody, wedding song of mine and transformed it into a 4 part harmony arrangement with a simple, less complex rhythm.  That song has been used in more than one wedding and varied by Michael as needed to suit the musicians involved.   I would also note that Michael is very good about answering emails promptly and making sure he is doing his “assignment” for his customer as well as possible at a very reasonable rate.   I highly recommend his services.”
Barb Wimer, singer/songwriter,  Lancaster Co., PA

“For twenty years as a choir director, whenever I needed help with music arrangements, converting sheet music to shaped notes or adding harmony, it was always, “Michael, can you do this?” It was always done with skill and precision.”
David W., chorus director, Stevens, PA

“Michael Owens took songs from a recording and changed them into four part harmony acappella for my wedding! He sent the music and a synthesizer recording of how it should sound with all the parts. I was very happy with them and I was very impressed with how quickly he had them done! I got the finished product within a week! I also was very happy with his prices!!”
Starla S., Coeur d’Alene, ID

“For many years I’ve been leading and singing with chorus groups who sing by shaped-notes. For over 20 years, I’ve been relying on Michael Owens to put music into shaped-notes for me. He’s always quick to send a nice clean shaped-note copy of whatever I ask for. I’d recommend him to anyone, and I have. He’ll treat you right!”
Earl F., chorus director, Ephrata, PA

Transcription; Typesetting

“I am a church chorister and have done some Chorale directing. When I need to have sheet music made up Michael is my one and only contact. I have found songs that I liked on a recording and sent them to him and have him do 4 part Chorale sheet music. He does a fantastic job.. sends the sheet music along with midis down to each part if I wanted it. I don’t think there is anything musically that he can’t do. He took a southern gospel song that I loved and did a 4 part Chorale piece for me. It is beautiful! I would recommend Michael’s services to anyone and would say that his prices are very reasonable as well.”
Wes W., choir director, Coeur d’Alene, ID

“I teach music and choir at … Christian School and we’ve used Michael’s services for many years. I can always count on Michael to do a quality job on my music and the turnaround time is wonderful. I would send him an arrangement of music on a recording and in short time it was transcribed almost always exactly the way I wanted it done. I highly recommend Michael for any musical services. He will not disappoint!”
Brian F., school choir director, Reading, PA

Tune selection; Book layout; Vocal practice recordings

“I came to you because our church wanted to start singing psalms, but didn’t have a clue where to start, and only had a small budget. You immediately gave us a few psalms as a stop-gap so we could start singing right away, and then worked tirelessly to publish for us our own, high-quality psalter, tailored to our needs, with beautifully produced practice CDs, at a very low cost.
“I really appreciate your meticulous attention to detail and quality, prompt and clear responses to every email, and your ability to understand what we wanted and produce it. I would recommend you in a heartbeat, and look forward to working with you on my next project.
“I hope a lot of people hire you; they won’t regret it.”
Donald O., church elder, Midland, MI

Transposing, Synth practice recordings

“Note Worthy Music Services has been a great resource for my music editing, transposing, and even piano accompaniment track needs. If you’re looking for quality service with strong attention to detail, I highly recommend you check them out!”
Josh O., worship leader, Lebanon, PA 

Typesetting; Vocal practice recordings; Tune selection; Bulletin inserts

“It is hard to overestimate the value of good service, efficiency in a job well-done, and a hassle-free process to arrange work. Michael has served our congregation and family in many ways, as a musical transcriber and typesetter, not to mention his voluminous recordings of hymns and Psalms that have benefited the whole world.
“If you have such service needs, I suggest you put Michael’s number on speed dial.”
Gregg Strawbridge, pastor and music leader, Akron, PA wordmp3.com